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I was born in 1945 in Diocesan House, St Albans;
learned my first words of English and Russian in Moscow, where my father served 18 months in the British Embassy;
primary school in Datchworth while he worked at the BBC;
then he ran Sharq al-Adna, so mother taught us by PNEU until I boarded at The Junior School in Nicosia.
After the Suez débâcle, he returned to the UK to train as a parson, so the family lived in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Dorset.  I boarded to age 15 at the Perse (it has since gone co-ed, which I hope has civilised it) and then until university walked to Dauntsey's, which has also gone co-ed, so the smell of the massed pupils must have changed.


1964–1967 University of Hull, England,
      BSc 1st Class Honours in Mathematics.

1967–1969 University of Hull, England,
      began graduate work; sabbatical year as Student Union president.

1969–1972 University of Warwick, England,
      PhD in Mathematics: Thesis title Fuzzy Geometry
        (a finite difference analogue of differential topology, unrelated to fuzzy sets)


This does not list consultancy contracts, which are often confidential;
but I have in the last year been 'working in'
Silicon Valley, Singapore, Scotland and Shanghai.

One of the best things about the web is working with people in so many places,
without eating airline food.

1972–73 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Professor Visitante, Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada.

1973–74 Rochester, New York, USA
      Research Fellow, Mathematics and Physics Depts, University of Rochester.

1974–75 Oporto, Portugal
      Professor Extraordinário, Mathematics Dept, Universidade do Porto.

1975–80 Geneva, Switzerland
      Research Fellow, Advanced Studies Centre, Battelle Institute,
        and Chercheur Visitant, Physics Dept, Université de Genève.

1980 Bristol, England
      Research Fellow, Physics Dept, University of Bristol.

1980–81 Stuttgart, West Germany
      Gastprofessor, Institut für Theoretische Physik, Universität Stuttgart.

1981-82 Charleston, South Carolina, USA
      Visiting Associate Professor, Dept of Biometry, Medical University of South Carolina.

1982–83 Santa Cruz, California, USA
      Visiting Professor, Mathematics Dept, University of California at Santa Cruz.

1983–88 Los Angeles, California, USA
      Associate Research Mathematician in the Crump Institute for Medical Engineering, UCLA,
        and Adjunct Professor at the Mathematics Dept, UCLA.

1988–1992 Pohang, Kyong-Buk, South Korea
      Visiting Professor, Mathematics Dept, Pohang Institute of Science and Technology.

1992–1999 Singapore
      Chief Scientist, Centre for Information-enhanced Medicine, National University of Singapore.

1999–2003 Singapore
      Chief Scientist, Digital Medicine Laboratory, Johns Hopkins Singapore.

2003–2004 Bangalore, India
      Research Consultant, J F Welch Technology Centre (General Electric), Bangalore

2004–2007 Bangalore, India
      Sir Ashutosh Mukherji Chair, National Institute for Advanced Studies, Bangalore

2006–present Umeå, Sweden
      Chief Scientist, Nordic River AB.

2010–present Baltimore, USA
      Chief Scientist, Therataxis LLC.

2011–present Singapore
      Research Scientist / Geometeer, Animoto.

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